Make total accommodation a reality!

The ultimate accommodation package includes the Hearit Broadcaster Team with (2) interactive microphones, the Personal Listening System for struggling students plus the more intensive small group training kit. These (4) Components empowers instructors to accommodate a broad spectrum of children with learning differences 

Classroom Training
with the SE Broadcaster

Provides “more focused auditory input” to raise the level of instruction.  Class management is enhanced, resulting in improved student attention span and participation.

  The “speech banana” audiogram illustrates the frequency characteristics of different speech sounds.

Heartit SE Auditory Tools with increased resonance are uniquely calibrated to make speech sounds more intelligible for the student.

Improved speech discrimination results in better sustained attention, comprehension and academic achievement.
Interactive Small
Group Therapy

with the Speech/Reeding Kit
  The clinician/instructor can work with one to six students with each student benefiting from group responses and phonological input into their headsets A clinician and reading instructor favorite.
One-on-One Training
with the Hearit SE
  The core component in all Hearit Sound Systems with built-in directional microphone, noise-cancellation and
  calibration in the “speech banana” frequencies. It is designed for therapy and used as an accommodation for the distractible student when reading text aloud and during standardized testing.

Speech Banana Therapies
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